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Home Modification
Stage 4 restrictions have commenced in Melbourne as of Thursday 6th August 2020. Our office in Melbourne is now closed and our Melbourne team are all working effectively from home. This has not been a significant change as most of our team have been working at home since late March. At this stage, our Brisbane and Adelaide offices will operate as usual, practising social distancing and hand hygiene.
We will continue to work at full capacity on all project work that can be completed at home. We are able to complete site visits on a case by case basis, if they fall within the stage 4 requirements but where possible, we will delay these site visits until after this period of time has ended. During this period, we can still be contacted by phone on 1300 715 866 or via email. We are also happy to conduct meetings and conversations via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other video platforms.
Should you have any further questions regarding these arrangements please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team. We thank you for understanding during this time and hopefully we can all work together to stay safe and healthy.

Architecture & Access is a specialist consultant for the built environment – creating safe and accessible community
facilities, workplaces and homes for people with disability.

Navigating complex laws, delivering practical solutions, preventing discrimination

Architecture & Access offers comprehensive consulting services to assist clients to deliver the safety and accessibility requirements of building design and construction.

Services include:

Our in-house expertise covers local policy, state and federal anti-discrimination laws, building control regulations, and work health & safety legislation.

Working with architects, designers, construction professionals & government

Industry professionals consult us to ensure new developments and building upgrades comply with regulations, are safe and accessible for people with disability.

We advise on design issues that may expose building designers, owners and tenants to potential claims under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and work health & safety laws. We ensure design solutions meet the requirements of universal design, relevant legislation and specific project needs. More services for architects and designers.

Our consultants assist local councils implementing the DDA to provide safe and accessible community facilities, parks and leisure centres. More services for local government.

  • Architecture & Access has A-Plus membership – Australian Institute of Architects

Designing and constructing accessible environments for people with disability

We promote independence and equality by working to create environments where people with disability can access businesses, accommodation, employment, education, sport and transport and move as freely as possible within the community including: