We exist to create safe, functional and accessible
environments that enable people to experience life
equally with confidence and dignity.

Our mission at Architecture & Access

Architecture & Access is a company of unique capacity working to enable people with disability to enjoy access to the workplace, businesses, public facilities and within the community.

We provide trusted advice to architectsdesigners, government and business regarding requirements under current anti-discrimination laws, work health & safety legislation and building control regulations.

Our personnel specialise in the field of accessibility in a range of professions including access consulting, work health & safety, project management, architecture, home modification, landscape design,  interior design,
and occupational therapy.

This unique service model – where we build a team comprising appropriate skill-sets around individual project needs – is convenient, flexible and cost-effective in assisting clients to deliver on safety and accessibility objectives.

We work with:

We are committed to a process of consulting with all stakeholders,
including people with disability, to provide high quality services
and advocate for best practice in the field.

When you engage with Architecture & Access you can expect:

  • Consultative client focus
  • Up-to-date knowledge of laws, regulations and codes
  • Specialist accessibility expertise
  • Experienced, multi-disciplinary capability
  • Smooth and efficient process
  • Delivery of achievable, cost-sensitive solutions
  • Confidence in our advice and work.