At Architecture & Access we believe that well-designed, safe and accessible environments benefit individuals, families, business and the wider community.

Our philosophy at Architecture & Access

Our practice refers to the principles of universal design, which aim to make the built environment useable by all people in the community, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life.

Our priority focus is freedom of access to the built environment for people with a disability.

Share knowledge and expertise

Architecture & Access brings a wealth of collective knowledge and skills to every project, gained over two decades working in the field.

We consult with our clients, stakeholders and industry professionals to keep abreast of emerging trends, consider different perspectives and learn from the experience of others.

Be program-ready

Architecture & Access has quality systems in place to enable every project to run smoothly and deliver excellent outcomes.

Our program features:

  • Client-centred care as the primary focus
  • Extensive and up-to-date legislative and functional industry knowledge
  • Trusted and caring business environment
  • Welcoming and approachable attitude
  • Knowledge of how the built environment can impact people’s lives
  • Expertise and empathy to achieve positive outcomes
  • Collaborative approach to develop mutual understanding
  • Multi-disciplinary team with accessibility expertise
  • Efficiency and attention to detail
  • Prompt response and clear communications
  • Seamless workflow from start to finish
  • Commitment to project timeframe and budget
  • Leadership in practice management systems and technology.


Architecture & Access


The overarching aim of our program is to contribute to positive outcomes in order to:

  • Enhance the experience of equality, confidence and dignity for people with disability
  • Enable people and communities to live life fully
  • Increase community participation and engagement.

Clients benefit from our drive to exceed expectations from project conception to delivery.

Mobilise the best team around the client

Every client is different. Our thorough planning and project management process quickly matches expertise and resources with client objectives, adds value where possible and deals promptly with any issues as they arise.

Our client-centred approach identifies priorities and delivers achievable and affordable solutions.

Make a difference for people with disability

Through our work we strongly advocate for equal access for all people.

We support every person’s right to access employment, education and public spaces, to choose where you want to live, be as independent as possible, and participate in decisions that affect your quality of life.

Our advice, design work and built products are based on best practice in the field. Where possible, we advise and deliver beyond best practice to innovate and influence positive change.

We are proud of our team, our services and achievements.