“Expert advice from Architecture & Access enabled us to complete our Disability Action Plan. We then engaged them to project manage the accessibility upgrade of our existing buildings.”

Services for local government

Architecture & Access understands the role of local government and its multi-faceted obligations:

  • In planning and providing for the needs of children and adults with a disability, ageing residents and the wider community
  • In promoting equal opportunity, social inclusion and enjoyment of human rights
  • Enabling access to the built environment
  • Supporting local retailers and business
  • As an employer.

Our staff are access experts across a range of professions including work health & safety, access consulting, project management, architecture and design, home modification, landscape design, interior design, and occupational therapy.

Architecture & Access has significant experience providing specialist access consulting, design, OHS and project management to assist local government to create safe and accessible infrastructure, buildings and places for people with disability and the wider community.
We offer an integrated, cross-departmental approach to access service delivery, working directly with you to:

  • Enable efficiency on access consulting, project planning and capital program budgets
  • Confidently deliver projects that meet Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements, community needs, and prevent discrimination
  • Prevent costly redesign, retrofitting and complaints
  • Better consider access requirements at key stages of project planning and development
  • Ensure consistency in quality, design and implementation of access solutions for council infrastructure, buildings, places and events.

Our services include:

  • Access consulting
  • Project management of the safety and access deliverables from concept design through to construction
  • Assistance to implement your Disability Action Plan
  • Designing and delivering achievable access solutions
  • Compliance upgrade to buildings and public facilities
  • Achieving access to older buildings where compliance with current standards is problematic
  • Reviewing development plans and advising on access and safety issues
  • OHS consulting and Safety in Design
  • Education & training for managers and staff with responsibilities to enable access

We can assist you to ensure traders and service providers comply with accessibility requirements where there is a change of use for retail and commercial tenancies, and wherever a building permit is required.

Consulting closely with all stakeholders including planners, people with disability, their families and service providers, we ensure design solutions meet the requirements of universal access and specific community needs.

Access consulting

We can provide advice, design and delivery of accessibility objectives of new developments and renovations including:

  • Car parking and drop-off zones
  • External path and landscaping
  • Building entrances
  • Internal circulation
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Signage
  • Internal fit-out – Kitchen facilities and furniture
  • Hearing augmentation
  • Access to swimming pools

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Project management

Our project managers have extensive experience delivering projects with key accessibility objectives for local government including:

  • Civic centres and community meeting rooms
  • Child care centres and maternal and child health facilities
  • Senior citizens and club facilities
  • Libraries, museums and art galleries
  • Town halls and heritage buildings
  • Workplaces
  • Parks, sporting venues, swimming pools and leisure centres.

Working with architects and designers, structural engineers, building surveyors and council planners, we ensure your projects achieve compliance with the DDA, National Construction Code – Building Code of Australia, referenced Australian Standards and local planning requirements.

Providing the smoothest possible planning to construction process, we take care of every aspect while keeping people informed of progress.

More about project management.

Understanding and meeting your Safety in Design obligations as a building owner

Architecture & Access are specialists in Safety in Design and can assists councils to understand and meet obligations under the law.

Our services are concerned with highlighting hazards, assessing risks, recommending controls and evaluating processes to ensure safety is integral to design throughout the life cycle of a building.

Under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 and Regulations and OHS laws, councils commissioning new work or renovation of an existing structure must consult with the designer to ensure that any risks to work health & safety arising from the design during the construction work are eliminated or minimised.

If the project is a new or refurbished workplace, the council must consult with the workers at the planning stage to ascertain any possible effects on their health & safety posed by the new design and provide this information to the designer.

Our services include:

  • Review of proposed design and documentation
  • Advice on Safety in Design obligations
  • Independent facilitation of Safety in Design process
  • Risk management
  • Facilitation of risk review workshops and formulation Safety in Design Risk Register
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Design for the safety of workers during construction
  • Design for safe servicing and maintenance of the building
  • Design for safe demolition of the building
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Safe design reports
  • Reviewing planning applications in relation to access and Safety in Design issues
  • Training

Education and training

Training workshops specifically developed for local government staff with responsibilities to enable access – frontline staff, service providers, architects and designers, statutory planners, building maintenance and asset managers, event managers, capital works and major projects program managers, building certifiers, traffic and parking infrastructure teams, and others include:

  • Understanding legislation and requirements for enabling access to buildings
  • Understanding and enabling access on various environments – parks, sport and recreation facilities, pedestrian areas.
  • Disability awareness training
  • Universal design principles
  • Developing and implementing disability access plans
  • Undertaking/interpreting access audits and prioritising building upgrades
  • Livable Housing Guidelines
  • Training courses leading to qualifications in access consulting.

Workplace health & safety support

We can recommend, design and deliver solutions to create safe and healthy workplaces.

Our services include:

  • Access consulting
  • Safe induction or return to work for people with an injury or disability
  • Review of work health & safety policies
  • Selection of equipment
  • Workstation design
  • Ergonomics assessment
  • Assessing homes for the safe delivery of community services by your employees and agents
  • Education and training.

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What councils can expect from Architecture and Access

When you engage with Architecture & Access you can expect:

  • Experienced access specialists
  • Transparency
  • Value for money
  • Consideration of equal opportunity and human rights obligations
  • Compliance with building control legislation, regulations and local policies
  • Consultative and collaborative methodology
  • Rigorous management of time, cost and quality.

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