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Architecture & Access provides services to NDIS participants whose Plan includes home modification. In Victoria, Architecture & Access provides services through our Home Modification Victoria program.

Architecture & Access has many years of experience in assessment, design and successful completion of home modifications for people with a wide range of disabilities, so you can have confidence in our advice and services. We are a registered provider for the NDIS.

The NDIS provides reasonable and necessary support to enable you to meet the goals you have set out in your NDIS Plan.

Funding for home modification focuses on your need to access your home and frequently used rooms for activities of daily living related to your goals.

Home Modification Assessment

As the first step, one of our occupational therapist Assessors will make an appointment to visit you at home to talk about your lifestyle, your disability and the goals in your NDIS Plan.

The Assessment visit will take around two hours. At this visit, you may like to have a family member or carer present.

The Assessor will look at your home and suggest any necessary changes to help improve your independence and meet
your goals.

A Building Construction Professional will also visit. They will advise the Assessor on design and construction issues.

In consultation with you, the Assessor and the Building Construction Professional will discuss the preferred design for your home modification.

It is important that you have your say about what you wish to achieve, the changes you want, and how you would like things to look.

The Assessor and Building Construction Professional will identify the proposed home modifications that are reasonable, necessary and most likely to be funded by the NDIS.

They will also discuss any building works or items that you want, but which are unlikely to be funded as reasonable and necessary modifications by the NDIS.

You may decide to pay for upgrades or additional work with your own funds. The details of this conversation will be included in the Assessment Report.

The Assessor will complete the Home Modification Assessment Report including the proposed home modification design, Building Construction Professional advice, project plan and cost estimate.

The Assessment Report will be submitted to the NDIS. The proposals and cost estimations set out in the Assessment Report do not guarantee that the NDIS will necessarily approve the proposed design and costs.

The NDIS will finalise and approve funding for reasonable and necessary home modifications.

You will receive a copy of the Assessment Report and NDIS decision and funding details.

Home Modification Design

The design of your home modification will ensure that the finished product meets your needs and complies with the relevant standards.

One of our professional designers will prepare the drawings and specifications. You will be assisted to make design choices where possible, and to sign off on the final design plans.

The Building Construction Professional will help you to visualise the finished project so you can approve the design plans with confidence.

Once signed off, the design plans and specifications are final and form the basis for the building contract.

Construction Project Management

The construction stage involves a builder and sub-contractors completing the home modification under the guidance of the Building Construction Professional assigned by Architecture & Access.

Before entering into a building contract, the Building Construction Professional will obtain final quotes from one or more builders.

The builders will base their price offers on the documents provided in the tender, which includes a full description of the work, the price, the start and end dates, and any proposed exclusions or special conditions, and a number of other details.

When the builder is selected, a contract is prepared. In Victoria, every project with a total value over $10,000 must have a building contract.

The Building Construction Professional will explain the building contract to ensure you understand it and feel confident to sign it.

A building permit will be needed for any work that includes structural changes or new foundations.

Only a registered building certifier can provide a building permit.

The Building Construction Professional will arrange any necessary building permits on your behalf, with your permission.

They will also ensure that your home modification complies with local planning requirements.

The Building Construction Professional will make sure your home modification is constructed according to the design plans.

The Building Construction Professional will sign off and report the project completion to the NDIS.

Upon completion of the project, the Building Construction Professional will provide the homeowner with any required certificates of compliance, such as electrical safety, plumbing, glazing and waterproofing.

A Certificate of Final Inspection will be provided by the building surveyor if your project required a building permit.

The homeowner or the NDIS delegate will make the final payment to the builder.

Home Modification Victoria will ensure your home modification meets your needs.

Contact us for a conversation about your needs.


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