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“Architecture & Access works with organisations and private clients to develop housing resources for people with disability who need specialist housing solutions.”

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is housing that enables people with high needs to receive the support they need.

When you engage Architecture & Access you can expect trusted advice on how to create well-designed environments that meet the needs of people with disability, and which comply with SDA program registration and other regulatory requirements.

Services include:

  • Audits of existing stock to meet SDA registration requirements
  • Technical advice and recommendations for asset upgrade, divestment and development programs
  • Modification and renovation of existing stock to meet the needs of occupants and SDA requirements
  • Architecture & design services to meet Livable Housing Design Guidelines, SDA requirements and client needs
  • Development and delivery of purpose-built homes
  • Project management
  • Education and training.

SDA, access and safety audits

Existing stock may be audited against criteria for SDA registration and other benchmarks for access and safety.

Our staff are independent assessors of Livable Housing Design, access consultants, and building construction professionals who are up to date with SDA, state-based and national requirements.

Technical and program advice

Our reports may include technical advice and recommendations for asset upgrade, divestment and development programs, including cost estimation and project plans.

Specialist modification and renovation

Architecture & Access provides specialist home modification and renovation services from initial consultation and audit, through to design and construction — including primary access, ramps, bathrooms, bedroom, kitchen, living areas, carparking and outdoor spaces.

Architecture & design

Architecture & Access is an A-plus member of the Australian Institute of Architects and leader in the field of accessible residential design for people with disability.

We provide specialist housing design solutions that meet required standards, which are environmentally sustainable and achieve functional outcomes.

Purpose-built homes and construction project management

Architecture & Access often works with agencies and private clients to design and deliver custom residential projects.

Education & Training

In conjunction with the Access Institute, our affiliated Registered Training Organisation, we provide training in home modification, Livable Housing Australia Guidelines and access to the built environment.
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